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Favorite Slow Cooker

FavProduct Detailsorite Slow Cooker
by Bob W
Quailridge Press
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Book Description: 

With Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes, Bob Warden looks to redefine slow cooking. By using more fresh ingredients in place of canned soups and packaged foods, these are your favorite slow cooker recipes made better better tasting that is.
Bob Warden knows that the key to successful slow cooking is not just simplicity, but adding flavor, and these recipes prove that you don’t have to sacrifice one to get the other. With over 125 family-friendly recipes from all types of cuisines and for all occasions, Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes is sure to include future favorites of your own. Whether you are looking for the perfect potluck casserole or a weekday dinner that is ready when you are, these recipes are sure to satisfy!


I am a fan of  QVC  and I purchase most of my kitchenware from them.  Bob Warden is on their a lot and I am always impressed by his knowledge of cooking a variety of dishes.  If you are you looking for new ways to make the most of your slow cooker, you’ve come to the right place.  You will find some tasty, no-fuss, recipes that will take your family meals to a whole new level and make your crockpot your most cherished possessions. You will find many crowd pleasing recipes in this book.  There is something for everyone’s taste.

~Reviewed by Tricia C.