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Mexico: The Cookbook

Mexico: The Cookbook
by Margarita Carrillo Arronte
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The first truly comprehensive bible of authentic Mexican home cooking, written by a living culinary legend, Mexico: The Cookbook features an unprecedented 700 recipes from across the entire country, showcasing the rich diversity and flavors of Mexican cuisine. Author Margarita Carrillo Arronte has dedicated 30 years to researching, teaching, and cooking Mexican food, resulting in this impressive collection of Snacks and Street Food, Starters and Salads, Eggs, Soups, Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Accompaniments, Rice and Beans, Breads and Pastries, and Drinks and Desserts.Beautifully illustrated with 200 full‐color photographs, the book includes dishes such as Acapulco‐style ceviche, Barbacoa de Pollo from Hidalgo, classic Salsa Ranchera, and the ultimate Pastel Tres Leches, each with notes on recipe origins, ingredients, and techniques, along with contributions from top chefs such as Enrique Olvera and Hugo Ortega.


I love the quote by Eva Longoria about this book as it is so true!

“All my life I have wanted to travel through Mexico to learn authentic recipes from each region and now I don’t have to – Margarita has done it for me!”

I live in Southern California surrounded by countless Mexican Restaurants of all levels of quality. Sadly most are sub par greasy cheese and dry rice joints. The recipes I have prepared in this book make the countless combo-number-whatever’s pale in comparison.  What consistently jumps at me in this book is the author’s passion for Mexican cuisine. She hits at the heart of the real Mexican food culture and makes a clear distinction between Americanized Mexican and the traditional, authentic dishes of various regions in Mexico.   This is the best book on Mexican cuisine I have ever come across.  The recipes are as authentic as eating them in Mexico!

~Reviewed by Denisse A.