100 Buttercream Flowers: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Piping Flowers in Buttercream Icing


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100 Buttercream Flowers: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Piping
Flowers in Buttercream Icing
By Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong
David & Charle
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Book Description:

Learn to pipe 100 different buttercream flowers to showcase on your cakes with this complete visual reference to piping flowers – each flower is demonstrated on a cupcake, with five full scale projects to show you how to combine your flowers into a masterpiece cake.

Described by Chef Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes as “hugely aspirational yet completely approachable,” the authors demonstrate how to build up each flower using simple piping techniques that even the novice cake decorator will be able to achieve!

All the basics are covered to get you started – how to make stable buttercream icing, advice on coloring and flavor as well as essentials such as how to fill a piping bag and the basic techniques you need.

Valerie & Christina then demonstrate in step-by-step photographic detail how to create each flower and how to use your new found skills to create stunning cake designs. The flowers are presented through the color spectrum so when you look through the book you’ll see the lovely rainbow effect.

Written by the world’s leading lights in buttercream art with an international following and over 60,000 Facebook fans!


I love baking and am the official cake maker in my family for all holidays.  Because of this I own a lot of cake decorating books and consider myself a fairly decent cake artist. This book is the best book on decorating buttercream icing that I own…That is saying a lot right there.There is a lot of photographs and illustrations for each technique/flower.  The step by step directions make sure there is no guessing as to how to do each flower that is illustrated.  The authors also provide several projects to get your feet wet.  Some I have done my self in the past and went to decorating classes to learn but this was a good refresher. Someone new to decorating will find a wealth of ideas here as will the seasoned cake decorator.  I really do recommend this book for anyone who wants to make beautiful cakes with buttercream.  In my opinion a good cake decorator should be able to work in a variety of icing mediums and because buttercream can be difficult to work with, I find that if you can work with buttercream you can learn how to decorate in any cake medium if you really want to.  So delighted with this book; it is a real gem!

~Reviewed by Jewel S.